Kilchoman Old Parish Church, Kilchoman

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Kilchoman Old Parish Church
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NR 21610 63231
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Gothic. Nave. Tower at N. end. Harled. Slate roof. Pointed windows, doors, blind arches. Crenellated tower with buttresses. Interior: gallery on 3 sides; cast-iron columns. Fragments of 2 ancient crosses.

Built on site of ancient chapel of St. Comman on exposed position on hill (Historic Scotland)
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Category of Risk and Development History

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Field Visits
October 1992, December 1997, September 1999, 09/10/2009, 5/6/2012
Development History
October 1992: External inspection reveals the church to be in very poor condition, having stood disused since 1977. Windows have been broken in many places, and the roof is leaking. SCT understands that although the fittings remain, they are beset by rot. All slates have been removed from the roof at the behest of Argyll and Bute Council. January 1993: Permissions are sought to demolish. March 1993: A private restorer reports that he has made an offer for the church, and plans to restore the ground floor as a dwelling, the gallery as a guest house, and the attic as a studio. The plans are dependent on access routes through the surrounding graveyard which is owned by Argyll and Bute District Council. The church is reported as structurally sound, but it requires roof repairs to make it wind and watertight. 2 December 1993: The Oban Times reports that permission to demolish has been refused. SCT and the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland both objected, as did the Commonwealth Graves Commission. Repairs are estimated at £145, 250. 28 February 1994: Press reports note that the church has been sold to the private restoter. Local people had hoped to purchase it themselves and convert it into a centre for Islay culture and crafts. December 1997: Inspection reveals that the conversion of the church has not yet occurred. It is now in very poor condition. September 1999: External inspection reveals further deterioration. The church is not wind or watertight. November 1999: Local planners report that slates have been removed for public safety reasons. February 2001: Local planners report that further deterioration has occurred, with ceilings in a state of collapse. The interior fittings have been damaged by the ingress of water. April 2004: Historic Scotland reports that the roof sarking has been partially stripped by gales. Building Control is seeking the removal of the remainder for public safety reasons. May 2004: The owner reports that he is commited to the restoration of the church. Scaffolding is to be erected and the roof repaired. Replacement upper windows have been produced to the original designs. May 2006:The owner reports that the scaffolding is not yet erected pending the availability of the roofer. The owner also reports that some of the sarking, which is rotten, has fallen into the church, however the King and Queen posts which make up the structure of the roof remain in good condition. Works to the roof or floor of the tower should hopefully be started this year.
October 2009: External inspection finds the church's condition, having been on the Register for some time, is continuing to steadily decline.
February 2011: A member of the public contacts SCT to advise that the church's roof has now totally collapsed inward due to November gales on Islay.
5 June 2012: External inspection finds all the remaining roof timbers are collapsed into the building.

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