Dundyvan Parish Church Manse (Former), Oxford Street, Coatbridge

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General Details and Location

Name of Building
Dundyvan Parish Church Manse (Former)
Other Name(s)
Oxford Street, Coatbridge
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NS 72879 64629
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HS Reference No


Former manse to Dundyvan Church, built in red sandstone in the Glasgow style. The manse falls within the curtilage of Dundyvan Church.
Building Dates
Alexander Cullen

Category of Risk and Development History

Category of Risk
Exemptions to State of Risk
Field Visits
July 1997, March 2001, 19/02/2008, 03/06/2010, 16/12/2014
Development History
July 1997: External inspection reveals the manse to be partially roofless after fire damage, and unsecured. There is evidence of sustained vandalism. 22 July 1998: The Airdrie Advertiser reports that North Lanarkshire Council has commissioned a survey of Dundyvan Church's condition, in liaison with the building's owner. SCT subsequently learns that the report (by Page and Park Architects) includes the manse, though its conclusions are not optimistic. March 2001: External inspection reveals further deterioration. The owner reiterates to SCT his desire to see both the manse and the church sold and refurbished. March 2003: The church is now sold. The new owner expresses interest in redeveloping and converting the property. May 2004: Permissions are sought to convert the church into 21 flats. SCT and the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland object on the grounds that the proposals are over ambitious. 29 September 2004: The Airdrie Advertiser reports that permissions have been granted. The manse will be converted into 4 flats. June 2005: The local planners report that PP and LBC has been granted for the redevelopment of the church and manse. April 2006: Owner reports new contact details
February 2008: External inspection finds the building to be close to ruinous with about two thirds of the roof lost. The ground floor windows are blocked up. Most first floor windows have been lost.
November 2008: Application for conversion and partial demolition of the church, with 2 new builds in the grounds into 33 residential flats is submitted to North Lanarkshire Council. SCT objects to the application due to the scale of the demolition of the northern elevation. C/08/01472/FUL.
June 2010: External inspection finds that the building remains in a very poor condition. Little of the roof survives. Internal floors have collapsed, at least in part. Some window frames survive but in very poor condition. The applications for partial demolition of the church and the creation of 33 flats were refused Nov 2009.
October 2010: Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser reports the condition of the building was raised at a recent meeting of the council‘s planning committee. Approval for the serving of an amenity notice was granted to local planners. Building standard officers will also be ensuring the perimeter security fencing is restored. Planners will monitor the site, and if necessary present a future request for the serving of a building repairs notice to the owners.
December 2011: A member of the public advises Listed building consent is being sought for full demolition of the church and manse to clear the site. ref: 11/01273/LBC
16 December 2014: External inspection finds the building remains in much the same condition as seen previously. Little remains of the roof, as such condition moved to Ruinous. Listed Building Consent for the demolition of the former manse and associated former church was withdrawn in 2013 ref: 11/01273/LBC.

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01236 632636


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Monklands an illustrated architectural history Allan Peden (1992), p64.
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